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Sash windows weren’t built to simply be a decorative element lining the outside of properties, they are designed to be a functional addition to a given space.

But over time parts of the window may have become stuck or developed issues, a common problem being damaged or removed sash cord that allow the windows to open, close, and remain in place when needed. Here at The Sash Window Doctor we provide top-quality sash cord repair services for local customers.

We’ll figure out exactly what the issue is and deliver a hassle-free and straightforward service that will leave lasting results. Give us a call today for all further enquiries, or to speak with a member of our team.

Licence : 151735C & ABN : 24-722-792-471

Aluminium Window Repairs Sydney

Our Services

Sashcord and Spiral Balance replacement
Sash window Conversions
Sashcord Rebalancing
Sash Cord’s Restrung
Timber and Aluminium spiral spring replacement
Double hung window repair
Marcel Cohrs

Marcel Cohrs

Bryan is very knowledgeable, efficient and clean.
His service is reasonable priced.
I can recommend him for any type of sash widow repair!

Niki Celebi

Niki Celebi

I don't know how to start... Brian saved my life... I broke a window just before an inspection of my landlord. He managed to come out on a Saturday and fixed my window before the landlord arrived... It was 2.5 hours from the call... Unreal..... Thanks Brian

Tyrene M

Tyrene M

Thank you Brian for fixing 4 of my broken Sash windows in record time and short notice. I have no idea where to start when repairing sash windows. Brian, re-sashed the windows, weight balanced them and now they all lock properly. He gave me sound advice and price was more than reasonable!
If you have some old windows that need TLC, call Brian first. He is very knowledgable and affordable.

The Sash Cord Replacement Experts in Sydney

When it comes to replacing sash cords, it is important to invest in services from a skilled and knowledgeable team who know just how to handle this specialised kind of work. That’s why locals call on the licenced and insured experts here at The Sash Window Doctor.

We will ensure that all sash cord and other elements are replaced with pieces that are perfectly suited to heritage windows, meaning customers can enjoy hassle-free functionality without ruining the vintage aesthetic of their property’s windows.

For more information on our in-demand sash cord replace services, Sydney customers simply have to pick up the phone and call today.

Window Sash Cord Repair Solutions

Here at The Sash Window Doctor we have more than 27 years of experience in the local industry, and have helped countless customers to fix-up their old heritage and sash windows.

Our window sash cord repair solutions are second to none, with all of our attentive and detailed services tailored to meet the specific challenges and demands of the job at hand.

Give us a call today on 0403 943 573 for all further enquiries.

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